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    About your guide...

    Ian (Sam) McLeod

    Sydney Kayak Best Kayak in Sydney

    We are not only trying to make your kayaking experience good, but we thrive to make it magical. By adding a little experience from our expert, Sam, we aim to make this one of your best trips to the water.

    Before you begin Kayaking with us, we want you to know about Sydney Kayak so you can understand it better, what you are signing up for and how your experience will go.

    If you have checked our website a little so far, you must have read the word Sam at a place or two. Sam has had a passion for kayaking all his adult life. He has many years of experience paddling in all types of water – from rivers and lakes to ocean and surf. Sam began his kayaking career with white-water and kayak-surfing in the South Island of New Zealand.

    Sam is also a competitive sportsman. He began competing in white-water slalom paddling in 1976 and progressed to canoe polo, in which he has represented Australia.

    A Paddle Australia certified guide, Sam has been professionally guiding since 2004 and has helped countless people experience the beautiful waterways of New South Wales.

    Sam is also a keen wildlife photographer and has extensive knowledge of Australian birdlife. His calm, confident approach and sense of humour combined with his extensive knowledge of local history and wildlife make him one of Sydney’s most sought after and acclaimed guides.

    With such an extensive and varied kayaking experience, you can be certain Sam will make sure you get the most out of your kayaking adventure in Sydney.

    If you want some Kayaking guide or are looking to know better about Sydney Kayak, there is no one better than Sam to guide you through it all.

    How can I contact?

    As you have heard a lot about Sam, it is only natural to work up some curiosity to contact him to know about kayaking guide that he provides. You can contact us and talk to us personally about the services we offer and how you can make your experience better.


    While Sam is a vital part of our team, our customers are still more valuable and their experiences and happiness are the most important to us. This is why we receive the reviews from all our customers to know about their experience and about what can be made better.

    You can check out our reviews page to get to know about the experience of our previous customers with our company and with Sam.

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