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    If you have a kink for kayaking, then you are for sure a fan of everything related to kayaking. Kayaking is an experience that cannot be explained through words but needs to be felt. But some of the people have tried to explain their experience and ways to make kayaking the best through Kayaking blogs.

    Our Kayaking blogs bring the experience to life through words. Before you get to experience the real thing, you can feel it by reading about it. You get to learn about not just the experience of other people but it prepares you for yours.

    While reading Kayaking articles, you will be able to find out more about the place and the exciting things you can enjoy there.


    While reading about the experience of other people, you will be able to find out more about the place you are about to visit. For example, the air pressure, how to use the kayak better or how to experience the little things there.

    When you are going on such an adventure, you most probably have a lot in your mind but are not able to live the moments as you wanted to. When you meet your friends, your family or anyone who has been through the same experience tells you about their experience, there are a lot of things that you might feel that you missed.

    Reading the blogs from other people helps you find out more about the place without actually going there. So when you do visit the place, you already know it a lot better and know what you want to see and what are the things you want to experience.

    You will know in advance which places are the best to feel the water and where you can see the most fishes by just reading the kayak tour blogs.


    If you are reading the kayaking blogs of people who have been to other places than you, it can still be helpful to you as you can take on a lot of tips from them. Most of the blogs are written from personal experience.

    Just like, how to control if the waves start building up or what kind of clothes to wear. You can also find helpful tips from canoeing blogs, sea kayak blog on what to carry with you when you are going for it.

    Read the blogs, prepare yourself for one of the greatest adventures and enjoy!

    Twin Beaches

    Twin Beaches

    Big day today. Family of 5 from California. Checked out the wreck of the Parramatta and stopped off at Bar Island for a break. The wind picked up in the afternoon we finished with a weary but happy group.

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    A beautiful misty start to the day. I always love the quiet and serenity of this paddle. The Eurasian coots are amazing the way they run along the water to take off if you get too close

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