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    Beginners Guide for Kayaking and Canoeing in Sydney

    Looking for kayak information for beginners?

    Want to know about Canoeing for beginners?

    This blog should answer most of your questions.

    Want to learn to Kayak?

    Want to know where to go Kayaking in Sydney?

    Sydney Kayak can help if you answered Yes to any of those questions.

    On most of our paddles around half of the paddlers are beginners. We provide full instruction on paddle technique before we get on the water and tips as we paddle.

    Some clients are concerned about falling in. I have been a Kayak guide for 20 years and in that time I have only had one couple manage to tip over their kayak.

    Our Kayaks are very stable so tipping out is unlikely. It is a requirement that all paddlers wear a lifejacket (Known as a PFD or Personal flotation device) so even non swimmers will be safe in the water until the guide gets them back into their Kayak.

    Wondering where to go kayaking?

    What are the best places to Kayak for Beginners?

    Sydney Kayak offers a big range of different paddles and, while they are all suitable for beginners, I would recommend starting with one of the shorter paddles unless you are fit.


    How much does kayaking cost?

    That depends on which of our adventures you choose.

    For prices see

    Wondering where to go kayaking?

    You can choose from any of our tours, or if you want to go somewhere we don’t already have a tour happening, contact us, I am sure we can take you there.

    Whether you wanted to know about Canoeing for beginners or were seeking Kayak information for beginners, I hope I have answered your questions.

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    Hope to paddle with you soon.


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